We Are The Villagers

We are A Canadian Registered Charity made up of all Volunteers who’s objectives are to provide financial assistance to low income children to participate in recreation, arts, and culture programs and to provide mentoring and counselling to children . We Are The Villagers intend to Nurture, Support, Inspire, Motivate and Validate and bring Joy to children and through our efforts we feel we will be doing the same thing for all members of the community.

Our Inspiration

We believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” and we believe that in our communities today more families lack the resources necessary to allow the children to enjoy the things that just a few short years ago were taken for granted. More than ever, families are finding it harder to just get by with the essentials and cannot afford to give their children those little extras that make childhood special. We want to bring joy to the lives of as many children as possible. We want to enrich and enhance their lives and to inspire them to be all they can be and we want to help communities establish that community presence whereby the phrase, it takes a village to raise a child, can once more have meaning into todays society. We believe more than ever this concept is relevant and, we want to help take pressure off of families working hard to make life joyful for their children.

How Does This Help

We believe our programs will bring about positive results not only in children but in families and thus in communities as a whole. We believe by enlisting the help of the communities on all levels that society will become a more positive experience for children to grow up in. We believe that with rapid changes in technology and the fragmentation of society that many children do not participate in real life experiences and we wish to change that mind set and encourage children to become active participating members of their communities whereby they become aware of the world around them and can develop positive attitudes going forth on their life’s journey and know how to work, live and deal with the society that they are growing up in.

Awards and Honours

We Are The Villagers is a proud recipient of the YMCA Peace Medal.  Every time someone takes an action for peace, people are connected, to themselves and to each other. In every community there are people who make a difference and who are committed to bringing peace and prosperity to the world they live in, often in the face of great conflict and injustice. The YMCA Peace Medal is a way to recognize and celebrate members of your community who inspire us to join them in creating a more peaceful world.  Founders Julianna Matyas and Geoffrey Crompton were pleased to be recognized by the YMCA for contributing to this effort through We Are The Villagers.