A WATV Grandparent Writes:

“We are so very grateful for your support and helping * take part in the soccer program. He had an amazing time and we enjoyed watching him play soccer. He had a great time taking part in the program and learning different soccer tricks and he learned how to kick the ball harder. Again we’d like to say thank you very much for all your support”.

Pictures of WATV Children and Families

A Proud Parent Writes

“We really appreciate all that you have done for Kendrick and he had a lot of fun doing the online activities”.

A WATV Mother Writes to our Donors:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your ongoing help and support with funding in regards to my daughter’s life.  My daughter’s mental health has really been affected by my disability and I wanted to thank you for all that you do to ensure that children in need, like my daughter, that have a mother that relies on ODSP and living under the poverty line, has someone, an organization that cares about their future development.  The help that you provide is immeasurable also are the thanks that we have in our hearts for what you do.  My daughter and I played with the CAMP IN A BOX for a couple hours when she got home from school yesterday and it was a lovely bonding experience. Thank you.”   WATV parent


With COVID-19 affecting our communities, many of our kids are participating in camp-in-a-box programs put on by our local community recreation departments.  A WATV villager picks up her Wye Marsh bird camp-in-a-box kit. The kit contains a week’s indoor and outdoor activities for the kids, including a virtual component and some online team exercises. Many thanks to Wye Marsh for supporting the kids in the Village who otherwise could not participate and enjoy their summer, along with the Lions Club of Tiny Township.

School Laptop Program for the Kids!

With the health crisis forcing students to take their schooling from home, WATV has been providing families in need with laptops, books, support materials, and paying for online costs and internet services.  The mother of a young Villager sent in this picture showing her daughter hard at work with her online schooling thanks to a new laptop provided by We Are The Villagers. As her mother writes: ‘she can participate in her classroom now ‘. We are so happy to have been able to help out families and their kids during these challenging times – our supporters should be very proud of themselves. Together we are a strong community.

Proud Achievement

Young Villager Willow proudly shows off her Babysitting Certificate received when she took the online course provided by We Are The Villagers.

Willow’s mother Amanda writes:  “Just wanted to say a quick thanks again for offering Willow the babysitting course. She learned a lot and has received her certificate!”

Congratulations Willow!

Congratulations Megan!

WATV kids get their Certificates of Achievement. In addition to supplying computers for home schooling to kids of families in need during the Covid health crisis, WATV included complimentary access to Red Cross Babysitting, Home Alone, My Safe Life and/or Stranger/Danger to all children who received them. We are pleased that all of the children took advantage of these courses and received their certificates. Here is WATV villager Megan proudly showing her certificate of achievement.

WAY TO GO Etienne!

A message from Noni, our Guitar Class Instuctor:

“I have 12 great kids this year in the guitar lesson program. I’ve had to continually fix and restring guitars and thank God for my husband Eugene helping to glue the necks and fix the cracks and keep these guitars working for the class cause I need every one of them. With so many degrees and levels of students everyone helps each other.

I am amazed at how wonderful these children are. I adore these kids.

I had a new student Daniel this week. I said how will I get you up to speed and little Etienne said ‘I’ll show him the chords Nonie. I’ve been practicing and he’s my buddy.’ And then he gave me a high five. The look of pride on Etienne’s face was enough to know that we are all doing a good and valued job together and that’s what it’s all about.”


“Thank you so much for all the things you gave Lucas and my self – we really appreciate it ♥️ Lucas was so excited about his new bag and the minion shirt and gloves!

Lucas started today at Go Ninja at Gymfinity Gymnastics – he loved it.  I have never seen him smile so much. He is so excited that he gets to go back on Saturday.

You have no ideal how much that means to me to see that happiness from him.  They said he did great.

Your organisation is so great – we are so thankful for your support to pay for it.  I wouldn’t be able to afford it on my own.

I hope you know you made 1 child so happy and excited with all his problems he has overcome.   It’s so great your giving him an opportunity that I probably would not have been able to do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“One day out of the blue Melody said she wanted to act and was persistent in asking.  I seeked out classes but there was not anything available in our area and I found Chris Healey.  Right from the first class, Melody was at home and everything started to unfold rapidly, she was a natural at acting. She hass became confident, strong and fearless. Chris is an excellent teacher and doesn’t hold back on anything.  Melody said “He tells us the truth so we can improve, takes me out of fear and gives me more strength and confidence to speak in front of people. He taught me that if I want something I have to work for it.”  Also by being in a group setting it is supportive and inspirational and spurs Melody on to come out of herself  and try even more.  It is an excellent course with powerful teachings that will carry on into Melody’s life.”  Ann-Marie

“I just wanted to say Thank You to all the wonderful and generous sponsors who help ” We are the Villagers ” kids. Their support not only can help one child, but several, more than they know. My oldest son Christian ( In black)has been volunteering with the training and coaching of his little brothers hockey team. He said “It’s the least I can do for all the years “We are the Villagers” has help my own dreams come true” .  “It feels great to give back and really does take a village to raise kids” he said. Christian is pictured here in black and his little brother Cameron is in yellow in front of the hockey net.”  Christy

Young Pianist Kent Rawson Acknowledges WATV Support!

Pianist Kent Rawson from Penetanguishene, and a young beneficiary of the Villagers program at its inception, is now a fantastic jazz and classical virtuoso! Kent acknowledges the tremendous help of WATV funding to get him to where he is today. Kent is now a student at Cambrian College studying advanced piano. See him playing one of his own compositions in this video.

IMG 0112 from Prof. Dr. Matthew Gould on Vimeo.

Kenna Pyburn Shows Her Support!

 We Are The Villagers was thrilled to receive this note of support from Villager Kenna Pyburn about her Terry Fox Run!

Jaxsen Sends His Thanks!

One of the kids in the Village, Jaxsen, sent a special note and picture to thank all of the We Are The Villagers supporters for their financial help which allows him to play hockey in Barrie.  We are all proud to be a part of Jaxsen’s journey.

Nyah Makes It to The Ontario Finals!

Thanks to your support, we have been able to help Nyah get to the Ontario Bantam Girls Singles Youth Bowl Finals!

Meet Molham!

Meet Molham Essa, a great runner and a better person. According to East Central Ontario Rogues Track and Field Club, where Molham takes his training as part of our villagers program,” he is a great addition to their team.” Molham has a passion for running and this is the second year we are able to help him make his dream come true because of your generous donations. Please donate now to our program so more children/youth can find their passion and dream.

Meet Joseph!

Meet Joseph, one of our young hockey players who today, sent us a picture of what he loves to do best because of all of our Donor’s generosity.
His Mother wrote in her note: “So you will be happy to know that Joseph has had an amazing house-league hockey season. He absolutely loved it.”
We will be funding Joseph again this year.  Young kids like Joseph can always use your help!

A Young Villager Meets a Hockey Legend!

One of our young Villagers stopped by the We Are The Villagers Office to sign up for his hockey program.

He was thrilled to receive a signed hockey puck from NHL legend Chris Kontos.  Chris has chaired our For the KidsAnnual Fundraising Drive for the past two years to great success.

Remarkable Matthew Canning!

Remarkable Matthew Canning has once again raised monies for the kids in the Villagers program. Because of his efforts we will be taking one more child off of our waiting list. Way to go Matthew! THANK YOU.

Congratulations to Cassie di Lio!

One of the Village kids who has received funding for several years, Cassie De Lio,  has won Grand Champion in her horse riding class at the Coldwater Fall Fair this year.  As well, Cassie was nominated by the Coldwater Figure Skating Club for Athlete of the week.  Her interview aired on the CTV television channel on November 29th.

A note from her mother with the above picture said “participating in the activities that you have supported her in – I cannot thank you enough!!!”

Family Support!

Here is a wonderful family that we are proud to be part of the dreams of the children. It is not hard to tell how much they all like everything they are doing. It is pictures like these that we can share with all of you who financially support the kids and know it is appreciated.