Dear Friends:

We are all facing an unusual and challenging time.  I wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know that We Are The Villagers remains fully committed to our kids, families, friends and communities during this challenge.

Our organization is based entirely on community participation and support.  We want to help out in any way we can, while maintaining the health and safety of everyone.

As a doctor at Georgian Bay General Hospital, I am directly seeing the stressful impact this unusual environment is having on many individuals.  But I also see a team of dedicated professionals working together to address the health needs of the community.  This greatly alleviates that stress and provides much needed support in so many ways.

We Are The Villagers has a role to play also.  We pledge to continue to support our kids’ programs now and in the future.  That is one less worry for them and their families.  We are in contact with our service providers and are encouraging them to follow the directions of local health authorities.  We have asked the organizations for which we have provided funding for the kids to allow them to enjoy their programs at a later date.

Of course, for everyone’s safety and security, we have to make some accommodations.  Our offices cannot accept personal visitors at this time, but we will respond quickly to any emails or telephone calls.  If there is any way we can provide assistance, you need only to ask.

We will continue to accept applications online for program funding.  In this time of at-home family activity, we are happy to consider funding for such activities as online schooling and lessons (such as math or language tutorials, music lessons, art classes, and more), educational tools (books, video lessons), and more.  Online applications can be completed HERE.  Keeping kids active, engaged, and learning is still important.

Regrettably, we have had to postpone or cancel a few upcoming events.  Our planned Village Night in Brazil that was scheduled for April 4th will be put off until a better time arises.  Our popular Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny Draw will not be able to happen this year.  At the moment, we will continue to plan for our Spring BBQ and Garden Festival in May with the hope that life will improve by then – we will keep you informed of this as time progresses.

Our organization is now planning for the future to ensure we can be even stronger and more impactful once this current health crisis has passed.  Despite these uncertain and unprecedented times, We Are The Villagers will be there to continue its important support to the community.

In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe.

Dr. Matyas Hervieux

Who We Are

We Are The Villagers has made it our mission to help families and their children participate in extracurricular activities of interest to them. Whether sports, music, art or other special interests, we sponsor children in need so that they may take part in these activities without being restricted by registration fees and equipment costs.

Our Inspiration

It has been said that to raise a child, it takes a village. We believe that we all have a responsibility towards the children of our community to nurture and inspire them in their pursuits, fostering an environment where the coming generation can be confident, happy and fulfilled. It is our desire to help families find the means to assist their children pursue their interests, meet and interact with other children and increase joy in their daily lives.

How Does This Help?

All too often, economic struggles can constrain a family’s ability to provide their children with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. Sports, arts and organizations such as Scouting and Girl Guides often have fees associated with them, as well as equipment costs which can be daunting for low income families, or large families with multiple children. We Are The Villagers sponsors families, paying registration fees and covering equipment costs so that any child can have the chance to do the thing they love to do.